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​ActiveLife is a life change programme

I don't believe in quick fixes or crash dieting.  Instead I firmly believe that the best way to get fit, tone up or lose weight, is to become healthier.

Simply changing some of your habits to healthier ones - walking more, eating a more balanced diet, exercising effectively and relaxing more will make you feel happier, give you more energy and help you feel and look better.

The trouble with diets is that they are mainly based around calorie counting and cutting out food groups, which over time is unsustainable. This results in people going back to their normal eating habits thus regaining the weight they have lost and often a little extra!  
Simply changing some of your life habits to form healthier ones means you become healthier, and stay that way

Now before you think I lead a perfectly healthy life, I don't - I love chocolate, chocolicious brownies, a couple of glasses of wine, and I don't always sleep enough and certainly should relax more.  I can be known to exercise too much and not eat enough of the right foods, but I also live life.  

And that is why we are becoming ActiveLife, not because I want you to lead perfect lives (which would be a little boring) but to encourage you to change some of your habits to form healthier ones.  How many habits you change is up to you, but I will be on hand to help you choose what to change and help you do so. 

 Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations!

Who Is Carys Jackson?

Having finished reading Sports Science at university, Carys spent 5 years working for the English Institute of Sport (EIS) as a Strength & Conditioning Coach, helping athletes with their physical development, for the Olympics and Paralympics.

She is currently working as a consultant for the British Equestrian Federation, helping their developing athletes and Paralympians with their Strength & Conditioning.