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I offer a range of workshops to help educate people on how to live a healthier life.

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Workshops are a great way of providing a forum where people can gain knowledge about health and fitness.

This is becoming increasingly important in our hectic world, where we are continuously burning the candle at both ends, facing growing levels of stress and not properly equipped to tackle these everyday challenges.

All to often I hear people say they haven't planned their meals and end up eating quick not so healthy options. The workshops can encourage mindfulness in all sorts of situations

ActiveLife runs regular talks and workshops with local professionals for clients who would like a greater understanding of nutrition and health.  An example of some past workshops include:

  • The basics of nutrition and how to put together a balanced diet
  • How to fit healthy eating into a hectic on the go lifestyle
  • Finding balance, managing stress and time management
  • Improving general mindset and outlook on life
  • Becoming more active, regardless of how busy they may be
  • Manopause and the ups and downs

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