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becoming a member is the first step of a life change

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ogether we set goals and aims that you can work towards. Each session is designed around your personal goals, with homework, nutrition and lifestyle input weekly. 

Sessions can be anywhere from a couple of times a week to once a fortnight, with just yourself or a friend.

1 person - £50
2 People - £30 each
3 People + - £20 each


​ ActiveTrain

Come once a month for a session, and then in-between receive weekly homework, workouts, challenges, goals and nutrition input. 

This option is perfect for those who are fairly motivated but need a guiding hand.  Each session is designed around your aims and needs, and is unique to yourself.

1 person - £65/month
2 people - £40/month



Join us if you want to get fit, tone up and/or lose weight, whilst also having fun and making new friends.  Only 6 max in a class, and the ability to switch days when busy.

Great way to make new friends, feel motivated, and also hit a routine whilst still having flexibility if you can't make a session to catch it up.

1 x week - £45 a month
2 x week - £85  a month
3 x week - £127 a month


Contact ActiveLife

Are you interested? Make the first step and we will contact you and set up a meeting.

The first contact is the start of a new you. Together we work together to set goals and aims that you can work towards.



ActiveLife classes are the only form of exercise I get weekly, and my fitness and energy levels have sky rocketed since joining. I love the fun we have during each session. Now I have the motivation to do lots more!

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