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Personal Training

If you are thinking of Personal Training, I like to offer you the best service possible.  So not only do you get the usual - individual sessions, homework, goal setting, measuring etc, but also you will also enjoy a whole host of included extras, so that you can be sure that every session will be designed to be as effective as possible, ansd whilst you are away from the studio, you can have the right amount of support for you.

'Carys is amazing in so many ways - she's been a big helper and encourager throughout my mission to get fit after giving birth to my beautiful son. What makes her so special is that she really listens to all my wants and needs and then gives appropriate exercises for my post-natal body to help recovery, and more importantly, avoid injury. Since I started training with her I am definitely a lot fitter and mentally stronger than pre-baby (I even managed to run the Great North Run 10 months after giving birth). I can't thank her enough for all that she's done, and I would highly recommend her to any ladies who are looking for a knowledgeable and fun Personal Trainer!'



When you first start we will go through a comprehensive assessment - a full body Movement Analysis, Pre-Hab Testing & soon our 3D body scale (ShapeScale).  This way you'll know and understand what strengths and weaknesses you have and why.


What you eat is vital to your health, but also to get the most out of your training.  I don't believe in diets, but instead building healthy habits, learning one new habit at a time.  This way you are more likely to stick to your new healthier lifestyle


I like to look at the whole body approach to fitness, so along side your training and nutrition, we'll also look at improving stress levels, sleep, daily activity, happiness etc.


To make sure we are getting the most out of our sessions I have a few pieces of kit that will help you work effectively - Power Dot, a wireless muscle stimulator to wake up your sleepy muscles, Go-Pro so you can really matser correct technique, FitBit to help you monitor your sleep and activity, and On-Beat, our app based heart rate zone training aid.


As well as enjoying the studio during the sessions, as a Personal Training client you can arrange to use the studio for free to complete any homework and supplement your training 


HAving a training session is fine, but it is only a small % of your week.  So to help you the rest of the week, I use a combination of texts, catch ups, your exercise journal, and emails to support you where you need it, and give you a nudge when wanted.

My strength and conditioning sessions with Carys are always intense, specific and physically hard. She explains reasoning and ideas behind exercises so I am always gaining more knowledge, and sets challenges and goals which I'm constantly trying to beat! Most of all they are good fun and thoroughly enjoyable. The specificity and core training we have done has made me stronger and improved my movement and dynamics around a squash court.

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